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Jakarta Design Center (JDC)
Gatot Subroto Kav. 53, 7th floor, SR. 15
Jakarta 10260, Indonesia
T +62-21-536 77370
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Jl. Raya Gunung Putri No. 99
Gunung Putri
Bogor, Indonesia

Office Furniture Manufacturing

Since 2004, Wintec started to manufacture its own office system furniture. As a manufacturer, Wintec benefits from the speed, quality delivery time and excellent services.

Not just producing high quality office furniture, Wintec also gives the customers selections of various shapes, materials, as well as measurements. You can even state your requirements and budget to us, then we'll accommodate and do the rest for you.

Interior Design

A preview is an essential requirement for customers to understand and get the idea of what they will be getting. As a service to our valuable customers, Wintec provides the 2D and 3D previews of what we will provide to you.

Starting from the 2D layout and zoning based on the requirements, Wintec assures that the solution provided will be according to the needs, with maximum space usability, efficient design and interaction planning.

Once the 2D design is satisfying, Wintec will provide a 3D mockup which will describe the solution in a more appealing way, with colors, materials, finishing, ambience and lighting perspective to help the customers in a visual way, which we believe is the key.

Fitting Out

Wintec provides professional project management from A to Z in terms of fitting-out the finished products with the space according to the design and specifications.

While carrying out the process, we consider all the aspects including finishing, mechanical electricals (ME), cables, ceilings, floors, partitions, fixed and embedded properties are precisely setup according to the documented specifications with accuracy, speed and of course cost-wise.